Intro to the Slot Game 123 Boom!

4ThePlayer’s 123 Boom! may be found at the very top of the A-Z list of games at any online casino. The previous game of theirs that we tested was a shark-themed adventure with many reel configurations. 123 Boom! takes place on the water like many other pirate-themed games, and it also features a few of unique slot configurations. Can you tell whether it’s effective? While some players will enjoy the game’s unique twists, others may be put off by the experience.

Set on the open seas, this slot game features 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1,024 chances to win. Is that so? Flipping your phone or pressing the Spin Mode button will cause the grid to revolve, thanks to a new feature developed by 4ThePLayer dubbed the Slot Slider. Slide Spin and Top Spin are the two playable modes. Payouts in Slide rotate occur from left to right as the reels rotate from right to left. Top Spin is a slot machine with vertically spinning reels that pay from the bottom up. This is completely incomprehensible on paper, but a little spin will clear that up. Except maybe Top Spin, which can be disorienting at first but eventually grows on you.

In this mode, two ships fight on either side of the reels or above and below the reels. Without flags, it’s impossible to tell if they’re pirates, traders, or the navy. All the images of swashbuckling and plunder suggest that at least one of the vessels is a pirate ship. The music is fitting for the pirate theme and evokes images of the water.

After settling on a mode to spin in, players may choose a wager between 10 p/c and $/€50 on any device. When it comes to statistics, 4ThePlayer really stands out since they include everything in the prize pool. There you will discover everything from a respectable return on investment (RTI) of 96.4% to a level of volatility that falls anywhere between medium and high. The bonus round appears once every two hundred and three spins, and the hit rate is one in every three and a half spins. There are no catches or room for speculation. Unlike 123 Boom!’s grid, which hides important information from players, 4ThePlayer’s is completely open and honest.

In each game, you’ll win if you get three or more identical symbols in a row. If you disregard the rows, you have 1,024 possible outcomes. A ships wheel, telescope, map, skull and crossbones, cutlasses, pistols, money, and treasure chests are just some of the pay symbols that give away the game’s maritime theme. The final two icons are a female pirate and a man who looks like Blackbeard and is worth 5-20 times the wager.

The cannonball is a wild symbol that can appear on any reel. If there is no possible winning combination and no Cannonball Wilds are near the end of the reel, the Wild will move in the direction of the spin. It moves down the reel, destroying symbols one by one until a winning combination is made or it reaches the end of the reel.

Indicators for the 123 Boom! Slot

In addition to the Sliding Cannonball Wild and Explosive Wins, there is now a Bonus round. Explosive Wins are like a chain reaction or domino effect. When a successful combination is made, it bursts out of the grid and makes room for other symbols. This causes domino effects, whereby a single spin can provide several wins in a row as long as fresh winning combinations form.

The finest outcomes in 123 Boom! may be discovered in the Bonus round, which has startling high potential. It kicks off when the Explosive Wins sequence concludes with three or more visible cannon scatter symbols. Once enough cannon symbols have been accumulated, the special effect will be activated.

When the Sliding Cannonball Wild feature begins, a wild cannonball is shot onto the reels by the first cannon symbol. The following cannon scatter will launch another cannonball across the reels when the resulting Explosive win sequence comes to a finish. This procedure is repeated until no more scatters remain. The amount of Explosive Wins tends to increase during the bonus round compared to the base game. You can get as many as fifty in one spin. The bonus round’s win multiplier is the icing on the cake. It begins at x2 and increases by 1 after each Explosive Win. Additionally, scatters keep falling, and whenever they are, they are gathered to further develop the function.

Resolved: 123 Boom! Slots

It will take some time for you to acquire a firm view of what 4ThePLayer has done here. It will be fascinating to watch how players respond to the Slot Slider modes, especially the Top Spin, which may be a bit disorienting at first. Since the left-to-right Slide Spin is the most common and easiest to understand, it was favored throughout testing. Top Spin didn’t appear to provide any advantages above the standard technique, although the perspective was nice.

The 123Boom! bonus game is yet another out-of-the-ordinary feature. A bonus that cascades and increases the player’s win multiplier may seem like ordinary fare at first glance. Nonetheless, nothing has changed in actual use. The Sliding Cannonball Wild changes things up by frequently making something out of nothing with the help of a couple well-placed explosions. The bonus game’s progressive win multiplier and additional scatter gathering contributed to some amazingly long win chains. The maximum payout in 123 Boom! is 14,727 times the initial wager.

When considering every factor, possibility, statistic, feature, etc., the benefits definitely exceed the drawbacks. However, 123 Boom! does it in a way that may just as easily turn off players as it could win them over. That’s the risk you take when you attempt anything new, but props to 4ThePlayer for having the guts to do it nonetheless.






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