Piggy Bankers Slot Overview

Our piggy companions are commonly connected with money, banking, and luxury in online gaming. In reality, pigs are content lying around in dirt, eating leftovers, and enjoying their finest lives without luxury or riches. Did developers use pigs to depict bankers or the ultra-rich as hungry pigs in online slots? For some reason, pigs in slots adore money. Another online gambling cliche. Pragmatic Play’s Piggy Bankers has pigs, money, a Banknote Reel feature, respins, wandering full reel wilds, and free spins.

A luxurious living room, corridor, or reception area may be the foundation game for this decadence. Rich folks have huge homes with more rooms than they need. Google lists Brunei’s Istana Nurul Imam Palace as the world’s largest private house with 1,788 rooms and 257 bathrooms. That’s many bathrooms. Free spins take players to a cash pit full of gold coins, diamonds, and money. All very motivating for money-minded people.

Piggy Bankers is played on a 5×4 grid with a Banknote Reel above the main game area. It’s a volatile slot with an RTP of 96.05% or 96.03% when buying free spins, however lesser return models are possible. Bets vary from 20 p/c to £/€240 each paid spin, while free spins cost 80 times the wager.

Piggy Bankers’ premium symbols—cigars, a liquor bottle, scales, and a gilded piggy bank—represent the high life, while the low rewards are 10 to A playing cards. Hitting a 5 OAK winning line on the game’s 20 paylines is worth 2 to 3 times the stake for low pays and 4 to 12.5 times for high pays. Piggy Banker and Lady Piggy Banker wild symbols can replace any normal paying symbol. Wilds create crazy line winnings like the golden piggy bank. Next, 1×1 wilds generate large wilds when stacked.

Piggy Bankers: Slot Features

We learn what that top reel performs while discussing additional goodies like Wild Respins and free spins.

A Banknote Reel

Banknotes and blanks randomly appear on this top special reel on any spin. Banknotes may show Free Spins and 0.5x to 100x bet multipliers. Value is granted when a full vertical stack of wild symbols lands beneath a Banknote.

Wild Respins

The respins feature is triggered when a full vertical stack of wild symbols lands and becomes a huge wild, either the Piggy Banker Wild or the Lady Piggy Banker Wild. Piggy Banker Wilds shift one reel right and Lady Piggy Banker Wilds one reel left during repsins. Big wilds on the grid trigger respins, which cease when they’re gone. Free spins are triggered when the Piggy Banker and Lady Piggy Banker appear on the same reel. They double the value of each banknote above them by 2.

Free Spins

Free spins are activated when two huge wilds meet or the free spins money is collected. Both receive 5 free spins. Free spins may reveal a 1,000x banknote on the Banknote Reel.

Respins are accessible in free spins. Two large wilds meeting, an extra free spin, an x2 multiplier, and respins continue with them separating apart and advancing toward the grid edge. Split massive wilds multiply x2. Big wilds with multipliers that encounter each other gain +1 multiplier.

All huge wilds from the triggering respin are removed from the grid during free spins, and respins continue from the round’s trigger. The free spins banknote is deleted from the Banknote Reel.

Buy Free Spins.

A free spins banknote or two huge wilds will activate the free spins round, which may be purchased for 80x the stake.

Slot Verdict: Piggy Bankers

Piggy Bankers may have branched from Pragmatic’s earlier Piggy Bank Bills, but it was a hard fork. The two slots have different styles, but riches, pigs, and money connect them. Although more traditional, Piggy Bankers is a creative game. It also has Pragmatic Play’s customary shine, making it simple to jump into and see Piggy Bankers unfold.

Piggy Bankers functioned well overall, with many moving elements to watch. Moving full reel wilds are more exciting than they may have been since they give rewards on the Banknote Reel and can obtain multipliers. Banknote Reel prizes are generally disappointing due to their low values, although the higher-level ones aren’t awful and there are the legendary 1,000x floating-around free spins.

Despite being difficult to get massive wilds to meet throughout the review, awarding multipliers when they do is another excellent addition for generating respins during free spins. Even when bonus-buying. Don’t expect that often, but consider it good luck if it does. Though, Piggy Bankers’ maximum win of 10,000x the wager may need a lot of multiplication.

After a run-through, it seemed unlikely to win big without multipliers (or the 1,000x notes), which were rare. Piggy Bankers is a nice affluent piggy-themed game for those who like this kind of thing.






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